Buying a home is an indispensable part of the Singapore dream.

After you placed the deposit, followed the progressive payments, signed up for a 30-year housing loan, and finally collected the key to your new home, a big surprise is awaiting for you – the bare unit is totally different from the showflat you can recall.

Wait, there are more surprises on the way.

You inspect the walls, the ceilings, the floors, the windows, the doors and the kitchen/bathroom fittings. You know that something is wrong. But you just don’t know where and can’t tell how.

You know that you must start renovation work as soon as possible in order to move in two months later. You are also told that you only have 1-year warranty period to report all the defects. The developer say they only accept lodging of defects in an online system.

How to report when you have no clue about defects? Is there a checklist given by the developer? Anyone …