Riverstone Holdings (AP4) to-date is still by far one of the best companies I have encountered on SGX. This article serves as a follow-up and a deeper analysis into Riverstone Holding. Feel free to read My S.W.O.T Analysis For Riverstone Holdings (AP4) before proceeding with this article to gain an understanding of Riverstone Holdings.

Recent Updates & Insights

  1. Extended Expansion Plans Till 2019
  2. Spike and recovery of Butadiene prices
  3. 1Q to lead the charge

Extended Expansion Plans Till 2019

The recent move to ramp up productions even faster (From 1b per year to 1.4b per year), and extending it by another year (From 2018 to 2019) is big news. The heightened optimism of CEO Wong Teek Son gives us significant insights into the company and industry.

The key indicator of success, and of glove demand boils down to one figure: Utilisation Rate.

“In spite of the …