The latest Singapore Savings Bond (“SBSep17“) is offering 2.12% effective interest rate over a ten years period. Many people have been lamenting about the low interest rates and I also think the Singapore Savings Bond interest rate is not attractive. I decided to do some research by comparing it with similar low risk products out such as a popular high yield Savings account and Fixed Deposit account. I am excluding REITs and Stocks in the comparison as the intention is to park the money somewhere as a form of war chest or savings.

I picked CIMB StarSaver Account, CIMB 12 month fixed deposit and MayBank 12 month fixed deposit.

CIMB StarSaver Account offers 0.8% interest per annum.

A 12 month fixed deposit account with CIMB offers 1.18% interest per annum. Do note that the minimum amount for fixed deposit is 20K.

MayBank on the other …