The biggest downside of not being gainfully employed is the lack of mandatory CPF contributions.

To ensure that my CPF savings will become a more significant bond component of my investment portfolio in my golden years, I have been making voluntary contributions.

Checking on my CPF account last night, I wondered how much would I have in my CPF-SA by the time I am 55?

55 years old. That is also when money from my CPF-SA will be moved into my newly created CPF-RA to fund the annuity called CPF Life.

My CPF-SA savings in January 2017:


Assuming that CPF annual contribution limit (now $37,740)remains unchanged in the next 10 years and applying the following allocation rates:

Click to enlarge. Source: CPF Board.

Doing voluntary contributions to the annual limit each year, for the next 5 years, about $8,159 each year will go to my CPF-SA. Ratio of contribution to the SA being …