Mums have a tough life.

After the painful delivery of a baby, they have to go through a confinement period which is hot, sweaty, painful, bloody and exhausting. It just seems unfair that mummies have to handle so much at one shot. Nonetheless, confinement food need to be healthy and nourishing to replenish the blood and nutrients lost. These are the top confinement food regularly consumed:

1) Meat and fish – Chicken, pork, beef, salmon 
The best source of iron comes from meat and fish so it is highly encouraged to eat them. We do not absorb as much iron from other food which is why you have to eat more meat during this confinement period. Salmon is especially good for the high proteins (Helps wound to recover faster), DHA (brain boosting nutrients) and zinc content. Zinc content is especially useful and helps to fight post-partum depression. Usually pregnant mums stay away …