This is the third and final series of “Bleeding Stocks” where KPO will be looking at 老鼠屎 (rat shit) dragging down the overall performance of his portfolio. Do check out the rest if you have not :)

Bleeding Stocks – QAF [Part 1]
Bleeding Stocks – Raffles Medical [Part 2]

I was wondering if I should rename this to dead stock instead of bleeding when Ezion made an announcement to suspend trading. lol.

Based on the last closed/suspended price, that is a -68% loss! I am guessing it will be even more when Ezion resumes trading. How did KPO even end up in this state? He was once a clueless investor that did not have any investing/financial knowledge and made many mistakes along the way.

This is a record of my past transactions. There was a bonus issue of 1 for 5 stocks, hence the free 200 shares on 18th Sep …