It’s Monday.
What’s there to be happy about? I understand. I used to hate Mondays and start feeling happier on Thursdays and Fridays. It’s back to work and it probably sucks, or maybe it’s just tolerable. 
These days my life is much better. Mondays I’m a bit sad cos my wife goes to work and leaves me all alone. Then I have to do most of my chores on Mondays, buying food and all that. It’s fine. I’m not complaining. But there’s nothing much to be happy about right? It’s just another day.

As I thought about this last night, I came to a realization that happiness is very much like every other thing. You can get used to it. Like you can get used to spending, and thus, need to buy more stuff to make yourself feel happier. After the first purchase, another $1000 bag doesn’t make you as happy anymore. Probably