It’s true in the 90’s that many people have become rich the property route. I.e. Buying and flipping properties in the run up.

Some have gotten rich through buying new cheap properties, sprucing it up and then reselling it on. Others have looked at properties below a certain price quantum e.g. S$1 million or S$600,000, bought them and then resold when the market realized the properties’ potential.

So it’s not a wonder then that property investments is perpetually on the minds of Singaporeans young and old alike.

At this point of time in 2017, with the market having run up more than 70% since the bottom in 2008/09, are there still hidden gems of properties in the market for investors to sniff out?

Some may say the Singapore property market is fully priced now, others will beg to differ citing reasons such as

Growing and healthy economy with GDP growth …