Property market outlook

What does the property market hold in store for investors and homeowners in 2017 and 2018?

Who wouldn’t like to know? Singaporeans, and Asians in general, have this obsessive attitude towards property ownership, thinking that it can help them get rich.

Get rich yes. Overnight? Rare unless you happen to own a unit in a development that is going to undergo en-bloc. Over time, likely.

Returns for the property asset class have generally tended to be between equities and bonds over the long term. Figures are usually in the mid to high single digit or low double digit range per annum.

As a recap, equities tend to give higher returns but with higher risk. Bonds provide the least return but with the advantage of lowest risk.

Property or REITs provide a return and risk in between equities and bonds.

With the money to be made in the …