As promised, I tried accessing a Bloomberg terminal to backtest some of the ideas from TUB investing. Here are my findings :

a) Dividends per unit P/B ratio was a strong screen.

Dividends generally do well in backtests. Putting up a screen incorporating the cheapness of a stock makes it even better. There is some research done this year in the Financial Analysts Journals which back-up my findings.

In fact, using Dividends divided by P/B ratio and setting it above a threshold value to target around 20 stocks yielded a return about 13.6% with a semi-variance of 13.51%. Returns were enhanced even further when I used 5 year average free cash flow yields.

TUB credited Teh Hooi Ling for this idea. This is definitely a workable investing idea.

b) ROA per unit P/B outperformed the STI ETF but the performance was unremarkable.

I did not fully adapt TUB’s …