Personally, unless it’s really needed, I don’t like to give recommendations for a lot of things. 
Cos everyone has their own desires and needs, everyone wants something differently.
So unless the what I’m suggesting is really good with a low “cost” (tangible or intangible cost), I usually don’t take a side. I’ll just highlight it, point out some pros and cons, and if someone wants to take the suggestion then I just leave it to them. 

I’ll give some examples on instances when I think something is good, better than what I think they would decide on, but I have kept quiet on my position and just let others decide for themselves. 

A very simple example is insurance.
Probably one of the most easy things around, and yet so many people don’t do it. 
Buy term insurance and invest the rest, people could simply just buy an ETF and this would be great for them. Alternatively,