You can tell someone “Paiseh”…
meaning… please excuse me, beg your pardon, sorry
So if you bump into someone along the street, you can go “paiseh paiseh”

You can feel “Paiseh”… meaning… somewhat embarrassed, loss of face
So if you tell your friend, “Yesterday I fell down whilst running for the bus, felt so paiseh.”

But you know… feeling paiseh can affect our decisions in life.
It happens very often, and if we don’t overcome it, it may affect us financially or we may lose opportunities.

A very simple example… I’ve walked into a restaurant (Hoshino Coffee) thinking it might be a nice place to eat, the place doesn’t look very posh so it never occurred to me to look at the menu first or check out the pricing… then when I looked at the menu, I realized it was chop pricing. I was seated with my wife, and… well, to her she’s pretty used to such