1 Common Investing Question

Many retail investors often face this issue/question:

“I have bought these stocks at a high price and now trading at much lower prices.
Should I keep them or sell them and reinvest in other stocks?”

I’m sure most of us have encountered this question at some point in our investing journey.

Before going into the hard facts of what steps should be taken, let’s experience the emotions one would feel when faced with this kind of situation…

Faced with a Dilemma

Let’s review the InvestingNote’s comment by a member below:

For this user – Lolitan, his stock SPH (SGX: T39) is losing big time from $4.30 to S$2.6 (down 40% at time of writing).

He is looking to sell, but deep down, he is probably still holding to it and thinking:

“The paper loss is not realised until I sell it, maybe it will …