Since writing this post, I have been faithfully allocating a portion of my salary to our emergency fund. For the months of August and September, I contributed a total of $3000 to the emergency fund, bringing the total sum up to around $14000. Assuming a monthly contribution of $1500, our emergency fund will hit the target sum of $20000 in January 2018.

Well, I could accelerate the process though. I could consider bumping up the monthly contribution amount. But is this worth it? It will make me cash-strapped and miserable for the next few months, just to hit the target, at most, a month earlier?

Then there’s also that small sum of money that will come in from the delisting of Croesus Retail Trust. Should it go into our emergency fund or to my war chest? As it stands, I’m going to allocate it equally between our emergency fund and my war