We wrote about what is a good pay in Singapore, where a typical Singaporean worker’s median monthly salary stands at S$3,500 (excluding employer CPF). While it is good to know where you stand when it comes to your individual salary, a better number to look at will be your household income.

The average monthly household income measures the combined incomes of all the people living under the same roof. It includes every form of income such as salaries, employer’s CPF wage contributions and investment returns.

Key Takeaways: The average Singaporean household income is S$8,846  Household income is the sum of gross income of all the members of a household. For household with at least one working person, the median household income for Singaporeans is at S$8,846 The average household income for Singaporeans is at S$11,589. 10.8% of Singapore’s household is without monthly income.

We usually use median for better representation,