So I’ve been somewhat half hearted when discussing this with my mum.
Cos these kind of things, if I help her save money, I’m marginally happy, I don’t see the savings myself, but if there’s any mess up in the process, or significant downgrade of services by the telcos, then I get blamed for not handling it well or recommending a bad idea.

The thing about this is, usually, the older folk don’t know what they want in most cases. And I understand that, cos… these days, there’s internet speed, mobile plans, fibre or cable, subscription TV and they get all confused with that. Especially when the telcos throw in discounts when they subscribe to a bundle.

When I visited my mum over the weekend, and we were chatting on the couch, she initiated the topic. “Hey is using Android ok?”… OH NICE… To me I took that as an opportunity. Cos I’ve …