It’s the beginning of October.
I love the beginning of new months.
The reason being very simple. My credit card resets. Well not really…

To be really specific, I always write about using the UOB One account and combo with the UOB One card.

The UOB One account is based on calendar month. Meaning the need to spend $500 on any UOB card from 1st of the month til 30/31 to be able to enjoy the bonus interest.

The UOB One card is based on 23rd of the month. So it’s 24th of Aug to 23 Sep. If I spend $500 consecutively for 3 months within this billing cycle, I get $50 rebate.

So to monitor this really efficiently, I always keep my spending between 1st to 23rd of every month. So by the 23rd of the month, I would have spent $500 on our 2 UOB One cards. This ensures that the credit card spending …