What if I told you… I will pay you $3000 per month to do a task.
You just work a certain number of hours, between X time and Y time for Z number of days per week.

Sounds like a normal job right?

Apparently some jokers offered this plan to prospective Uber drivers.
Some folks want to try driving Uber but are concerned that they won’t earn enough income in a month. So these jokers approached these prospective Uber drivers to offer them this plan.

The drivers would drive for a certain number of reasonable hours everyday, for 5-6 days, I don’t know the exact details. They would be paid a fixed $3000. But ALL of their Uber earning would go to the “employer”.
Basically it’s a fixed pay job. Your employer earns your additional productivity and pays you a fixed salary.

Well, based on that number of working hours and working days, they usually make $4k+…
So …