Transaction cost?
Brokerage Fees/Commission??

Oh well. They’re indeed annoying to everyone, and especially much to nano retail investors like me!
Sourcing for the cheapest brokerage fees is definitely important, but hold on.. are you investing or trading? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Investing VS Trading:
Investing and trading are two different methods to take profit of the financial market. Everyone in the stock market wants to make money. So what are the differences?

Investors tends to buy and hold a portfolio of stocks for a long period of time and uses the effect of compounding or reinvesting into another stock to enhances their wealth. As such, an investors uses time to makes money for them. This is also known as ‘Time in the market.’

Investors believe in long-term prospects of the company, as such they do not check the prices of stocks they’re holding every minute, hour, days or weeks. Investors buys a company …