The median cost of holding a wedding is S$39,500. This is with the assumption that 60% of the banquet cost is covered by the red packets.

Should all your friends and family members decide to not give you Ang Bao, the cost will increase exponentially to S$62,500

While everyone assumes that a wedding involves a standard procedure of bridal package, expensive banquet and wedding photography, should you break the tradition and have your wedding at a coffee shop, here’s how much you can save!

P.S. This is provided that your partner and parents of both parties agree to it.

TL;DR – Save S$31,359.26 when you hold your wedding at a coffee shop. Wedding item How much you save? Transport Cost S$369.26 Wedding Dinner S$23,900 Wedding Photography S$2,590 Bridal Package S$4,500 Total S$31,359.26 …