A quick recall to my old blog post Blue Chips in Red Sea, I have done another mini simulation here. (Got nothing much to do in my short break before starting new work hehe.)

This was the list I put up in Sep 2015 –

Fast forward 2 years

Which are the ‘blue-black chips’?

Most of the chips managed to rebound quite a bit, except Noble Group and a handful of the black sheep. CityDev, Jardine, Genting and GLP soared.
[Apologies for missing out Capitaland that time.]
Have you made the right choices 2 years back?
Let’s take a look at how the ‘blue-black chips’ dividends are doing.
ComfortDelgro – Yield has increased YOY. Recent dividend payout in August was $0.0435. As for how its dividends would keep up in future I find it hard to say since it has quite a few sub business units to keep it afloat while Uber and …