Between my last post and now has been around 2 hours.
And I went out for an event and was reflecting along the way.
Like, it’s easy to see others and wonder how come they don’t do certain things good for themselves. Or that they jump to conclusions and say that something isn’t good for them without even thinking much about it.

And I thought about myself. How often do I decide something even before actually thinking it through, or trying it out?

Yesterday, I found a lobang. There was a company which was intending to run a focus group and was willing to pay $80 for a discussion. It’s expected to last 2 hours, sometime between 6:30pm – 10:30pm. I just needed to contact XYZ and they will ask some questions to determine if I will be selected for the discussion.
When I heard about the lobang, I was totally excited. Hey, $80 for …