Heartland Boy has predominantly favoured credit cards that provide cashback over air miles. There were 2 reasons for this.

1) His expatriate package in Jakarta granted him an annual number of flights on premium carriers.

2) The ANZ Optimum Credit Card rewarded his 5% cashback whenever he had to book his Jakarta-Singapore tickers on budget carriers.

However, things have changed lately. Firstly, ANZ’s retail banking division has been purchased by DBS and as a result, the ANZ Optimum Credit Card is no longer valid. Secondly, Heartland Boy has been posted back to Singapore for good! That also meant that he has lost his annual flights entitlement. This has forced him to reconsider air miles credit cards in order to offset the cost of his wife’s next holiday fantasy. Heartland Boy confesses that he is not an expert when it comes to winning the game of air miles, because he is …