Dear readers, as you may have read, or Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong will be making a trip down to the Untied States of America to meet up with Mr Donald Trump. Will PM Lee’s trip to the United States bring some good news to investors and businesses here at home? Will PM’s trip conclude some business deals what are good for businesses with a focus or some stake in America?

While we may not know the answers to the above, this is one stock which investors may like to know. One stock with businesses in the America. One called called Venture Corporation stock. Venture Corporation stock is currently trading at $18.39 as of 13 Oct 2017. The stock is currently nearing an Overbought RSI level. Fundamentals wise, we have the following numbers:

1) Debt/EBITA: 0.261
2) Dividend Yield: 2.72%
3) P/E ratio: 23.597

And …