A number of robo-advisory startups have sprouted in Singapore in the last 2 years. They provide financial advice or portfolio management online with moderate to minimal human intervention in exchange for lower management fees. Most of the decision making is based on mathematical rules or algorithms.

I’ve been monitoring startups like AutoWealth, StashAway and Smartly who are competing in this space since they started and now, they have all obtained their respective MAS licences to operate (except Smartly who collaborated with VCG Partners Pte. Ltd. a MAS licensed fund manager in Singapore to manage your money).

With the right regulations in place, it’s a good opportunity to consider using robo-advisors to manage my investments.

Why am I investing through robo-advisors?

If you’ve been following my blog, you would know that I’m a passive investor. I prefer to automate my investment workflow and have the investment portion of my monthly income go into investment without my involvement…