I was talking to my wife recently about our assets and how we look at them.
It’s very common for people to say she earns her money, so she gets to spend whatever she wants. And that’s one way to look at it.

Cash or financial assets seem to be easier to split up. Cos it’s quantifiable. And most of the time, we like to split this up cos it’s convenient. My stuff vs your stuff. So we can draw boundaries on who controls what. And we, as humans, all like some form of control over our lives and stuff.

But as I discussed with my wife, we realized that it’s becoming quite clear that we don’t draw lines like that.
If we want to sell our house. Can we do so without 2 signatures? No right?
It doesn’t matter if someone pays for 80% of the house. 2 signatures are still needed.
So what’s so …