2 Income Stocks That Might Be Perfect For You

Are you an income investor? Income investing might not sound very exciting but as you grow your portfolio to a critical mass, you would be creating a massive stream of cash flow for you to either reinvest or subsidies your lifestyle. Imagine if you have an income portfolio of SGD1.0 million with a 4% dividend yield, you would be expecting a cash flow of dividends worth SGD40,000 every year for you.

So what are some of the stocks that might be potential investments for an income investor? Here are 2 of our Income Watchlist stocks that be perfect for you.

Frasers Centrepoint Ltd
Frasers Centrepoint Ltd is one of the largest property companies in Singapore. It has presence globally, in particular in China and Australia. It has an integrated property business model. It is able to develop residential properties for sales, but it also has a full range of …