Mapletree Business City, Source: MCT website
I’ve been looking at Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT) and Starhill Global REIT recently, so I’ll be writing on how these two REITs stack up against each other. Our local REIT sector has performed well this year, with many REITs surpassing their 52-week highs during the past month. Unfortunately, I’ve largely missed out on this rally. However, I believe that some REITs still present some value, together with a decent dividend yield.
For some background, the first two stocks that I purchased were Ascendas REIT and CapitaMall Trust, back in 2015. When there were fears of imminent interest rate hikes, I sold off these two positions for a small gain. As it turns out, even though interest rates have been raised a few times, our REIT sector has still performed strongly. I’ll recommend that you read this very informative article regarding the relationship between REITs and interest