Welcome to another episode of traveling with the devil. 

This is a self-drive trip from Hakodate to Lake Toya and Onuma Park. Just after some fun in Hakodate, I’ve decided to make a visit to a few other place that’s just around it. You’ll not need to rent a car to visit this places, however for the sake of convenience and to visit some secluded areas, renting a car might be a good solution.

Do take note: International Driving Permit is required to rent a car/drive in Japan.

I’ve rented a car from Toyota Rent A Car from Hakodate Airport. You’ll be able to locate counters from various car rental companies that is just outside the arrival hall. From there, with your bookings/reservations they’ll lead you to a shuttle bus whereby the friendly staffs will bring you over to their office (5 mins away) for some administrative works and car collection. It