There wasn’t many opportunities to spend alot of money in October as both of us were very busy with lessons during the exam period. We just spent slightly above $3,300 this month. And as always, we don’t really hold back on eating out.

We have just about used up the year’s budget. On hindsight, that was too lofty a goal and perhaps we should just congratulate ourselves if we can stick to $50,000 every year and be shielded from lifestyle inflation. Thus far, our average expense per month is about $4,166.

The next two months are likely to be spendier months as will be taking a break from work. Moreover, we will also be away for a one week vacation in Nov and Dec is the month of X’mas celebrations with friends and family.

Eating Out: $651.95

Hawker ($132.30) – 17 entries which also means we dine at …