The Singapore stock exchange is awash with stocks trading for under a dollar.

Most are companies struggling to make ends meet because they are operating in shrinking markets or selling weak brands or products.

However some of them are fine companies going through a rough patch, waiting to takeoff.

Here are five promising ones with relatively high trading volumes.

1. Geo Energy Resources Limited (SGX: RE4)

Geo Energy is a coal mining and trading company. It exploits its own mines in Indonesia through specialized contractors to reduce capital expenditure.

The company is acquiring new mines to augment production volumes and expanding vertically by investing in coal power plants. As a fully integrated electricity producer, it would be less exposed to the coal price fluctuations.

After a few ups and downs during year 2012 to 2015, the company has skyrocketed its revenue from S$31.58 mil to S$437.6 mil trailing 12mFY2017 (june …