Singtel has released it’s 2QFY18 Financial Results earlier today.

It is also declared that there will be a special dividend of 3.0 cents per share on top of usual interim dividend of 6.8 cents per share for the IPO and successful divestment of Netlink Trust. The 3.0 cents special dividend is much lower than what many has anticipated.

Net profit of S$2.9 billion was recorded in 2QFY18, with the recognition of S$2.0 billion divestment gain from Netlink Trust. If we were to exclude the one-time gain from Netlink Trust, the underlying net profit for 1H2018 of 929 million is however, 4.1% lower than 1H2017’s 969 million. It’s also noted that the competition in India continues to affect the profit for Singtel.

With a special dividends of 3.0 cents, they’ve paid out 489.84million in dividends out of the S$2.0 billion divestment gain, which is about 24.4% of the gains. The remaining balances are used …