October has been an excellent month for stocks, high gets higher! Our portfolio benefited from it – Portfolio Update – October 2017. StashAway is no different, we had a much better return compared to the previous month – StashAway – September 2017.

One thing to note is that StashAway has changed their web interface and introduced mobile application – StashAway Just Got Better! (Mobile App + New Interface). The change can also be seen in the monthly statement.

1. ACCOUNT SUMMARY (as of the last day of the month)

Returns have been broken down into “Portfolio Returns” and “Currency Impact”. Exchange Rates are captured for both “Opening Balance” and “Closing Balance” giving investors much more visibility into their money/investment. Our capital is $2,000 so there is a $20.14 gain.


We can finally see the P&L for the underlying ETFs!




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