Aha. So now, you know about the basics of cryptocurrency. And you’ve read from many articles that many many many people has made tons of money by investing in cryptocurrency. Ready to get started?

Rule 01: Invest in crypto with what you can afford to lose. 
This also mean that whatever you’ve invested in cryptocurrency, be prepare to lose each and every cents of it. No leverage. No CFD. Nothing. $500 invested? Prepare to lose that $500 invested. That’s the mindset to have :)

Rule 02: Don’t forget Rule 01!
This may sound familiar to many. It is the that same 2nd rule as what said by the the Oracle of Ohama. Not difficult yea?

As mentioned in Cryptocurrency for Dummies – Part 1 and a short story, the example cited between BCH and BTC, does it look familiar to anyone? From 6XX USD to 2XXX USD, and now 1300 USD! Can you …