“Financial literacy is the education and understanding of various financial areas.” – Investopedia

This whole entire episode had provided be a space to think and reflect about my financial status and how I can do to improve it.

The few questions that I’ve constantly been asking myself are:

  1. Are my goals truly realistic?
  2. Have I achieve them?
  3. Will I be able to achieve them?
  4. Why do I feel so inpatient?

Lastly, why are these questions being asked over and over again?

Then I realised, that there wasn’t something truly concrete that I’ve drawn up with to be grounded by it… hence the manifestation of uncertainty.

This is my secondary investment plan that I hope to achieve 

Year Monthly Amount Yearly Amount Interest Growth in $ Total Amount
2017 1000 12000 5% 600 12600
2018 1000 24600 5% 1230 25830
2019 1000 37830 5% 1891.5 39721.5
2020 1000