RE&S Balloting results

The RE&S IPO balloting results are out and the public tranche (excluding all the interested transactions and reserved shares) is overwhelmingly oversubscribed at 37.8 times!

So, it’s pretty safe to assume that it will debut with a bang!

Some of my friends/readers asked me whether i have balloted.

Yes, i did but didn’t manage to get any.. unlike my lucky wife (She is now a proud Ichiban Shareholder & ERA – LOL).

Anyway, for those lucky fellas looking at what price to sell or those who want to take a punt:

$0.22 = 13.75x P/E ratio

$0.30 = 18.75x P/E ratio

$0.40 = 25x P/E ratio

$0.50 = 31.25x P/E ratio

Btw, if we look at the recent F&B Kimly IPO (, it debuts at $0.55, 27.4 times its pro forma EPS.

In short, it’s not far-fetched to assume that RE&S can go above $0.40 when the clock strikes 9am …