Reader says…
Recently, an agent came to me asking me I should get a saving plan.

As she said that people can invest fearlessly is becos they have a saving plan (safety net) if anything to happen, there’s still a saving account.

The saving plan is like pay for 5 years then after 15 years can take the money out with interest.

She says the money can be used for my baby education funds or my personal funds after 15 years.

What r your thoughts on saving plans?

AK says…
What is the guaranteed return?

See for yourself if it is worthwhile.

As a guide, Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) pays 2.16% p.a. guaranteed if held for 10 years.

This is a AAA rated sovereign bond.

So, this savings plan which the insurance agent is trying to sell to you must return much more than this to make it worth considering …