Haven’t gotten down to writing much lately. Shall take a shortcut and lump it all together here.

Smartly Robo-Advisor – What Gives?

Things can change really fast.

Let’s see. I can’t seem to find the Smartly’s team page anymore on their official website – which led me to presume that some manpower movement might have taken place.

Digging at LinkedIn, Kentwell has concurrent new role at AlgoHybrid. Danielle has moved on to the MAS. Artur, CEO of Smartly, is concurrently a partner at Change and even Smartly’s CTO is listed at Change’s team page. I haven’t heard from Keir in a long while.

For one, the educational platform they touted that differentiated them from competitors is no longer found on the webpage as well.

To be honest, I don’t ask for much. Even a basic feature like the “Activity” icon has been there for months – work in progress it …