Dear reader,

こんばんは (Good evening! in Japanese) ????

As I begin my postgraduate studies this December, I am, once again, impressed by the importance of lifelong learning. 

A quick Wiki search yields the following definition:

Lifelong learning is an “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

That one should learn, consistently and independently for private or work-related reasons is intriguing because it demonstrates adopting a mindset of kaizen or ‘改善’.

Getting better, every day!

In essence, it is a Japanese life philosophy embracing ‘continuous improvement’ as the kanji words (or Chinese characters) signify.

And improvement can be made only by learning from and through change, right?

Side-note: As you can see, my online Japanese beginner lessons on Udemy are already having a positive influence on me, piquing my interest in all things Nihon-go (Japanese).

In case you’re wondering, yes – it is an endorsed Skillsfuture …