I have a 57 year old retired reader who went to a bank to seek recommendations of safe investments.

The relationship manager assigned to his case recommended 2 products: The Lion-Bank of Singapore Asia Income Fund and OCBC PremierLife Generation Plan.

He hopes to shift some money into conservative investments.

In this case, there is no needs based analysis done by the RM. It is merely a voluntary solicitation of a specific type of financial products.

I was quite intrigued by the OCBC PremierLife Generation Plan and want to have a short write up about it.

This is a form of financial asset that, I may see taking shape more and more in the future to become their wealth machine for retirement.

So I would like to spend some time discussing it.

So this article will go into:

  1. Briefly, the Lion-Bank of Singapore Asia Income Fund for the reader
  2. What …