Following the $1.02 cash offer by Cosco for Cogent on 3rd November (here), I have finally divested my interests in Cogent for $1.01.
All divestments made in 2017 by Author, price includes transaction costs

Divestment Rationale

Reasons for divesting now are primarily twofold:
1) Increased Opportunities (for other investments)
I have been keenly observing the share prices of counters in both my portfolio and my watchlist. It seems that after a protracted bull run, we are finally experiencing a sharp correction amongst mid and small caps on the Singapore Exchange. 
1-month share price trends from Yahoo Finance
This is precisely the sort of news that gets me excited as a value investor – as the share prices fall, the margin of safety increases! More importantly, it appears that the current correction might result in a few counters reaching my Target Price.
I have therefore …