2017 is coming to an end, and I hope this has been a good year for you and your investments.

This year, StocksCafe continued to enjoy great support from users. More than 300 users have contributed, either monetarily, reporting errors, or suggesting improvements.

Unfortunately, as it is costly to license financial data, StocksCafe will very likely end this year in the red again despite the support. Note that I am considering my time to be completely free. I believe we can certainly achieve more as only 10% of the monthly active 3,000 users contributed monetarily. (Current total registered users is >7,000)

Therefore, in order to encourage more people to contribute and also to reward those who have been contributing generously to StocksCafe, in 2018, StocksCafe will introduce the following changes:

Switch to Contribution Mode
Only users who have contributed monetarily to StocksCafe will enjoy full access to all features. More …