About the Author:

Guy Spier is perhaps best known for co-bidding with close friend Mohnish Pabrai to win idol Warren Buffett’s charity lunch in 2007. As a fund manager himself, Guy Spier is no slouch. His Aquamarine Fund boasts of a cumulative return of 463% from 1997 till 2014 compared to S&P 500’s 167%. $1 million invested in the fund would therefore be worth $5.63 million in 2014, versus $2.7 million if it had been invested in the S&P 500 over the same period.

About the Book:

While the book does covers Spier’s philosophy towards investing, investing itself is not the main focus of the book. Instead, the nucleus of the book centers around Spier’s encounter with the dark side of Wall Street and his turn toward a more enlightened path that brings richer rewards both financially and personally.

This book is a profound yet brilliantly practical …