I have talked about my Aztech story in the previous post, now let’s move on to the second story, which is BakerTech. The stock is still trading on SGX.

2. The Baker Technology story

Why I invested in it?

It’s got an attractive dividend yield for its share price and the oil industry was doing very well back then in year 2010. I recalled there was a special dividend in 2013 of $0.085 per share.

If you searched around, quite a few finance bloggers / sites did cheer-leading for this stock till year 2014, which further boosted my conviction that this share will do well. Imagine those who bought in early 2014…

What happened?

After the oil crash in year 2015, its share price only seen the downward spiral, due to impacted earnings. This decline has not seen reversal to date.

(I missed subscribing to its warrants issue offer of 2 for 5 @ SGD 0.01 in year 2012 when its share price was still ok then.) …