Over 800 questions answered.

We started the Seedly facebook community in August 2017 and just 4 months in, we found that our community has asked over 800 questions and the crowd has gathered together to answer and help each other make smarter financial decisions.

This was a true insight into how community voices can really de-mystify a clouded personal financial space. Let us now look back at the best moments of 2017. #throwback

#1: ILP vs Index Fund (by Alan Kor)

Of course, who else other than one of our top contributors – Alan Kor. Though controversial and heavy worded at times, he has indeed sparked debate around a common insurance-linked investment product which many financially savvy people feel strongly about. Posted on 17th October, the article shared talks about how Warren Buffet claims the S&P 500 will do better than the great majority of professional managers achieve for …