Having difficulties in buying Alt coins?? Can’t find a good exchange?? Recently, I was fortunate to have been introduced to Binance , the biggest cryptocurrency exchange.


Step 1: Press Register

Step 2: Fill in your particulars

Step 3 : Verifications

Step 4: Enabling 2 FA

You can still deposit funds without verifying ~ Verification allows higher withdrawal limits. All nationality out of china wouldn’t be able to use the SMS Authentication function.

Step 5: Download Google Authenticator (2 FA) (Available on both GooglePlay & Apple Store)

Step 6 : Scan the QR code through your phone

  1. Press enable on the Google Authentication box and press step two [From the profile page]
  2. You will able to see a long code beside the QR code (Record it somewhere or screenshot it)
  3. After scanning the code a 6 digit number will be given to you (is time-based) ~ do not worry …