Dear readers, good fundamentals stocks are beloved by investors young and all. So will you consider these stocks, each having:

a) a market capitalization of more than S$500 million;

b) a dividends yield of more than 6%;

c) are undervalued with a Price-to-Book of maximum 1;
d) and is profitable, having a net profit margin of 20%

without further ado, these are the eight stocks which satisfy the above criteria:

1) Ascendas Hospitality Trust

2) Frasers Commercial Trust

3) Frasers Hospitality Trust

4) China Jinjiang Environment Holding Company Limited

5) Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust

6) Ascott Residence Trust

7) OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust

8) Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust

One key highlight of the above screening is that while Trusts and Reits dominate the list above, China JinJiang Environment is indeed a unique stock of its own, ranking side by side with the Reits and Trusts …