So sorry my post is late. Especially for those who are used to reading my posts early in the day.

Today I spent almost a whole day at Pasir Panjang (PP) wholesale market.
After I sent my wife down to her office, I came home and changed and took a train down to PP.
The freegans have expanded their operations so I was interested in what more they were doing.

It’s quite interesting, cos in my previous posts, I thought that I was going to stop collecting vegetables and fruits cos I thought it wasn’t worth the trouble, and continue doing light dumpster diving for fun.
But as I think about it more, I might flip that around, and do more vegetable collection and do less dumpster diving.
It’s really still an exploration cos although dumpster diving results in more merchandise, it creates clutter in the house, and I don’t need 90% of the stuff I …