This is so sexy!

Open margin trading account and for risk management you can cap it to 30% to 40% leverage and there you go. You pay back your brokers or bankers interests due and pocket the net return after interests. You now achieve leverage yield on yourOWN capital. Leveraged ROC! Shiok!

Do it well. You can give a Talk to show people how to do leverage yield on some “high” quality and higher yield stocks e.g. S-REITs.

Once upon a time there was man who kept boasting about his leveraged yield on his bond investing in the famous cbox and made the rest of us not doing leveraged bond investing looked stupid.

Hmm .. leveraged yield on own capital through margin trading account by borrowing some money through brokers or bankers.

“Leveraged” yield without margin trading account possible?

Hmm … okay. Technically; it is white or  black mice theory! …