Breaking news:
This is probably the only time you’ll ever see Budget Babe promote and invest into a Ponzi Scheme.
The horror!!!!!!!!

So I just came across one of the most impressive and smartest crypto projects I’ve ever seen. In fact, the entire scheme is so full of genius – if people buy, you get dividends; if people sell, the price lowers until people buy again, which gives you MORE dividends. You literally can almost not lose as long as you have iron hands and not sell.

It is a joke of a crypto project and an outright, self-confessed Ponzi Scheme, but I’ve put my money in and thought this was too golden a joke not to share.

Before I get all irresponsible and go into details of this ponzi, let me first do a responsible Public Service Announcement:

There’s no end to scams and ponzi schemes in the crypto …